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About BBXX

BBXX creates + curates content related to sexuality, intimacy, and communication. Our goal is to help people better understand themselves so that they can form deeper connections and live more fulfilling relationships with others.

Our Beliefs

Our close relationships account for 70% of our happiness and 90% of our wellbeing so we truly believe that better relationships = better life.

To us, intimacy means connection. Connection to yourself, connection to others, and connection to a purpose. It requires vulnerability, self-awareness, and empathy—and we believe it is one of the key ingredients of not only a fulfilling relationship but a fulfilling life.

Our Mission

We’re here to help you learn more about the ingredients for intimacy by sharing the best content, resources, stories, and lessons learned from others on our journeys to self-discovery and deeper connection.

Join us as we change the conversation and the culture surrounding intimacy and relationships.

The Start of BBXX

I often tell people it started when I was in college. I was taking a “personal narrative” writing class and I made a cookbook that was sort of like “the education you didn’t get at home or in school.” I also joke that the first seed was planted when I discovered my clitoris when I was 20 (which I once actually did a spoken word piece about). But just a few months ago, I realized that it’s actually been an entire lifetime in the making, going back to when my parents divorced when I was only a few months old. I’ve never had married parents, in fact, I didn’t spend time around a healthy married couple until that same summer I discovered my clitoris, when I was 20 years old. I remember being in shock, thinking to myself, “wow, THIS is what marriage is?! THIS is why people think love exists? Well, hell, sign me up, too, I didn’t even know this was an option!”

Our Journey So Far

Sasza discovers her clitoris.
The cookbook is written.
Sasza is working in commercial production in LA and writes a manifesto for a company called Bang Boxx, which seeks to change the way we “think about, talk about, and have sex.”
Sasza unexpectedly loses her mom in a fatal accident, drops out of life, and realizes that the only thing that matters in life is our close relationships and she would be absolutely nowhere without them.

Sasza applies to a Stanford entrepreneurship program in Santiago, Chile the night before the deadline. She gets accepted, pitches the idea for Bang Boxx, later to become BBXX, and it is one of four companies voted on to be worked on throughout the program.

In December, Sasza gets extremely sick, has an emergency surgery in the US, and will spend the next 1.5 years struggling to recover—further reinforcing the fact that she would be nowhere in life without her close relationships.
February 2017
Sasza says “fuck it” and moves to Chile indefinitely.
June 2017
BBXX gets into a government funded accelerator program and a team put together a pilot of the company.
January 2019
BBXX Latam is officially closed and with all the mistakes made on another continent, in another language, Sasza takes all the lessons learned and moves back to the US to get ready to launch BBXX USA.
March 2020
A global pandemic urges people to realize that connection is not only what helps us overcome adversity but it is also the one most important thing worth fighting for.


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