An Open Letter to Instagram- Stop Blocking Ads Promoting Intimacy and Healthy Relationships

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On average, I encounter promoted/sponsored content on Instagram every four posts. I’ve gotten used to it. It’s the water we swim in these days.

Hearing Instagram denied BBXX’s promoted post — which happened to include my testimonial — because of the mention of ‘sexuality,’ was shocking.

BBXX promotes education and empowerment. And as 70% of our happiness is derived from our relationships, they provide important content and create a necessary space. We all know, good relationships don’t just happen.

In the last couple years, this destigmatization and space have been incredibly important to me. Invaluable. Eye-fucking-opening.

I wanted to express my appreciation and support, so I said as much.

Discussing intimacy is not inappropriate, it is necessary. And if anything Instagram’s refusal proves how desperately BBXX is needed. 
We need space to discuss intimacy.

Wtf, instagram?

— Lillian Klein

This letter was sent to me the night after our promotional post- for an educational podcast featuring interviews with experts talking about sexuality, intimacy, and communication- was banned

Original post featured in the comments here.


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