I Put Edible Body Paint on My Boobs and My Boyfriend

Original Artcile by: Krista McHarden

Sometimes a Cosmo sex tip is more fun than it is arousing. For instance, sticking loose change on his buttocks and then covering his penis with a doughnut, and then collapsing in giggle fits at the insanity of it all. But sometimes, a Cosmo sex tip is the the fucking bomb. This week's Vintage Cosmopolitan Sex Tip is one such magical sex tip. “Put edible body paint on your breasts, use them to 'sponge paint' his entire body. Then lick it off." Uhh, yesss please.

My boyfriend applied the body paint to my breasts and this, in and of itself, was pretty delicious foreplay. I mean, having warm goo rubbed on your breasts is “the tits,” and I highly recommend it. Then we made out for a while and I basically did The Worm on top of him (sexier than it sounds but also just as funny as it sounds) to disseminate the body paint. Then I licked it off and it was VERY EROTIC. Seriously, I felt like I was in a Jackson Pollock-directed porno. Who doesn't want to feel like a classy, artistic porn star during sex? No one. My sweet tooth sated, we did it. Twice. The novelty of the body paint didn't even distract from the hotness of it all. Seriously, BEST. SEX TIP. EVER.

I know what you're thinking: This sounds messy. But it really was a lot more manageable than I was expecting. The paint is sticky enough that it mostly stays on your bodies (although definitely make use of your plethora of beach towels because some will get on your sheets), and it washes off quite easily in the shower (wash each other off in the post-coitus shower!).

At risk of sounding like your sex advisor, this is a tip that just make sense. It involves rubbing your breasts all over his body &mdash something no heterosexual man will hate &mdash and unlimited licking. Please tell me what's unerotic about that. 

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