Life Lessons from Love -Chris Burkard

Featuring Chris Burkard, adventure photographer.

Love comes and goes throughout our lives, presenting itself in different ways. When it leaves us, however, it's often hard to see the good side of things. But down the road all of our experiences- the good and the bad- contribute to building a part of who we are. Whether we realized it or not, they affect how we live the rest of our lives based on those lessons that love teaches us.  

We know we've got a LOT left to learn, so we want to help people share they're experiences- and the lessons they've already learned from the past- in order to help all of us live out better and more understanding futures. 

“It’s never easy… far from perfect… but has always been so worth it. The decision for me to get married at 21 was one of the most terrifying things I’ve done. Probably because I knew I could barely provide for myself let alone someone else, and I seriously questioned what I had to offer. I remember asking her dad for permission and just feeling so incompetent… let’s just say I wasn’t the most eligible bachelor at the time. A recent college dropout with no job, no career, who lived mostly out of his small Toyota truck and used their house as a grocery store. The situation was far from ideal… laughable actually. I’ve realized that the world will tell you to wait until everything is perfect… “only bring someone into your life when you’ve painted the picture you want” they would tell me. I’ve always wondered what room that leaves for collaboration. For growth. Any true commitment that doesn’t require a leap from what we are comfortable with, and the inevitable struggle that comes with it, is something I would question.”

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