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Home Forums The BBXX Podcast: Let’s Get Intimate! Episode 10 – “Love & Death” – with Jordana Jacobs Reply To: Episode 10 – “Love & Death” – with Jordana Jacobs

  • Amy

    September 8, 2020 at 1:46 pm

    The thing that I learned about myself when listening to this episode is that while I feel like I have lived a good and full life, I feel like I can live more and also love more.The thing I learned about culture is that culture tells us to fear death and not embrace the reality of life and death.The thing that surprised me most was that love and death play a role in how a person views how they live their lives.The one way that I can enact what I learned in my own life is that I can show more love to the people around me and understand that death is a natural end to life.The way that we can shift the conversation and culture around this topic is to keep having the conversation about love and death and to not fear death when it is a natural part of life.