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Home Forums The BBXX Podcast: Let’s Get Intimate! Episode 7 & 8 – “The Power of Sexual Healing” – with Tina Schermer Reply To: Episode 7 & 8 – “The Power of Sexual Healing” – with Tina Schermer

  • BBXX 

    September 14, 2020 at 10:29 am

    Don’t we all as women receive little to non sex-ed at home? Coming from a highly conservative Latin family, I got used to the idea of labeling “sex” as a “taboo” topic that should not ever be mentioned in public let alone with the opposite sex. Even at school I remember they would split us up (men vs women) to give us “the talk” and by different educators and therefore we all had different concepts about how to express our sexuality and what having sex really meant being a women vs being a men. It was not until college that I started deconstructing these archaic ideas that for so long caused in me self-shame. I no longer feel like I am disrespecting my culture or any other institution for that matter, I feel more empowered and free by just enjoying myself safely and getting more information from actual experts like in here at BBXX!