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Home Forums The BBXX Podcast: Let’s Get Intimate! Episodes 22 & 23 – "The Evolution of (Non)Monogamy" with Heath Schechinger Reply To: Episodes 22 & 23 – "The Evolution of (Non)Monogamy" with Heath Schechinger

  • Hope

    October 19, 2020 at 9:07 am

    What I learned about myself from this episode was that I personally could not be apart of a nonmonogamy relationship. I feel as though my insecurities would be heightened because if my partner wants to be with other people consistently during our relationship, what am I not able to provide? However, I liked the line that nonmonogamy is for people who want to connect with other people. I do think that this could help relationships if it was discussed previously so infidelity doesn’t happen during the relationship. The most interesting things from the episode to me were the nonmonogamy myths–consensual nonmonogamy relationships are more likely to be unhappy, nonmonogamy relationships lead to contracting more STIs, and they leave negative impacts on children’s relationships with their parents. I thought these were interesting because they all seem to be assumptions made by a person who wouldn’t be able to process a nonmonogamy relationship; they don’t seem to come from someone who has personally experienced these things. The line that said monogamy leads to lower jealousy levels also stood out to me, because Schechinger ends up saying that nonmonogamy relationships actually lead to lower jealousy levels because you both understand there will be other partners involved. Whereas, monogamy entails it is just the two people. So, if someone gets hit on or if someone ends up cheating it will leave a larger impact on the relationship due to the expectations they have for the relationship.