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Jun 30

Getting Teens to Talk

June 30 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Creating Safe Communication Space for You and Your Teen

Healthy communication between parents and teens or tweens is more critical, yet more difficult, now more than ever.

Parents and teens alike are navigating uncharted waters with the saturation of screen use, mental illness struggles, and demanding expectations among peers. All these elements result in struggling relational skills, legitimate fears of vulnerability, and the breakdown of the family.

We can often find ourselves talking at one another rather than investing in refreshingly meaningful, honest, and focused communication. Creating a culture of safety and trust in your home is key to thriving as a family.

Join us online as Janet Bonnin, parenting educator and CEO of Fine Tuned Families, will discuss strategies to help parents and teens engage comfortably, effectively, and in such a way that continues to strengthen the foundation of trust in the home. This presentation and interactive discussion will provide strategies on how to nurture healthy and open communication on all topics between parents and tweens, or teens.

It is never too late or too early to begin developing a healthy communication culture at home, ensuring a positive generational impact.

_______________________________________________________________________________________Janet Bonnin is founder and CEO of Fine Tuned Families, author, life coach, and parent educator. Since 2001 she has helped busy parents reduce stress and discord and achieve a more peaceful, happy and productive family atmosphere. She helps parents identify and focus on their goals and important issues and manage specific ways to close gaps from where they currently are toward where they desire to be. You can learn more about Janet Bonnin and her resources at:

www.finetunedfamilies.com ,

https://www.facebook.com/janet.bonnin , https://www.facebook.com/finetunedfamilies/


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