BBXX + Gashtrays presents:

"Sex-Ed and Ceramics"

Join us May 1st for a virtual workshop exploring Sexuality and Creativity! 

Get your hands dirty for a unique opportunity to shape your own body out of clay and RESHAPE your beliefs about your body and your sexuality.

Reserve your spot by 4/26 for the option to get your special air-dry clay kit shipped to your home!

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The "why" behind this workshop

Vaginal plastic surgery, labia reconstruction, and penis enlargements are on the rise.

Do you want to know the worst part? Almost every person getting those procedures is perfectly normal, healthy, and wonderful as they are.

Why have we chosen to reject one of the most beautiful and unique parts of ourselves?

From the media and movies to porn, music lyrics, and slang words, we have been spoonfed unhealthy messages about our bodies our whole lives—and our genitals are no exception.

Because of the unhealthy messages many of us have subconsciously internalized, many women AND men have insecurities that keep them from fully embracing themselves and achieving deeper intimacy.

We invite you to intimately get to know yourself so that you can cultivate deeper intimacy with others as a result.

This self-sculpting workshop is genital-inclusive and open to women, men, and folx! Regardless of your gender and genitalia, you might choose to sculpt yourself, a partner, a penis or a vulva.

About this workshop

Key themes:

You are cordially invited to the most fun you've had all pandemic!

Bring a friend, bring a partner, BYOB, and join us Saturday,
May 1st at 11am PST / 7pm UK!

You will walk away with:

Appreciation for every individual body as normal and beautiful
Deeper respect for the human body
Sense of admiration for your own body
Connection between your own self worth and pleasure.
Creative ways to celebrate your self-exploration
Understanding of the relationship between creativity and sexuality


Saturday, May 1st at
11am PST / 7pm UK time

How much?

$52 for a unique experience AND the priceless piece of art you will create! Price of the clay and materials not included.



Reserve your spot by 4/26 for the option to get your special air-dry clay kit shipped to your home!

What you will be making:
Self-Portrait Clay Tiles

Join us for this incredible unique experience—and walk away with a priceless piece of art!

Imagine the amazing conversations that you’ll be able to have after this workshop. Help us start the conversation everyone is waiting to have. Help us start a social movement!

Hani Lees Dresner

She is the founder & creator of Gashtrays, a sex-positive ceramics company born from the magical combination her love of craft and her love for dirty puns.

Hani emphasizes celebration vs exploitation of the naked body in her work. She aims to stamp out beauty standards and believes that sex-positivity and body-positivity are crucial steps towards battling sexual and mental health.

She sees her work as a “subtle protest” that aims to provoke conversation in a way that is approachable.

After creating her first vulva sculpture for a friend as a joke back in 2014, Hani posted it on Instagram and received tons of requests for more! She now makes tiles, vases, penis hangers, and countless other entertaining AND empowering ceramics!

Originally from Leeds and currently based in North East London, Hani studied design at Kingston University.

About 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies. About 40% of men are unhappy with their bodies.

Let’s work together to change that! Join us in this workshop to change your relationship wth your body—and help us change the numbers!


Don't miss out on this opportunity!

How much do you value your relationship with yourself? Don’t miss the chance to transform your relationship with yourself—and your relationships with others as a result.

Q/A Section

Join us Saturday, May 1st for the most fun you’ve had all pandemic!

This is a one-time event that will last around 2 hours.

Virtually! Join us on zoom from anywhere around the world!

None! This class is for any skill level, from totally novice to seasoned expert. Hani will walk beginners through the basics of working with clay and will have expert tips and tricks for the more experienced crafters.

Genitals! You can sculpt your own, a partner’s, or you can find a picture online and use that as your inspiration. We will not have a model. We recommend you sculpt your own because a lot of the class will be devoted to talking about self-genital image, however, you should do whatever makes you most comfortable. If that’s sculpting someone else’s goods, go for it! This process can be especially impactful for couple’s, to be part of the reflection process and can help assist each other in sculpting themselves—or sculpting each other!

We will be making the beautiful square tiles featured in the grid gallery of images above! You will not only walk away with the incredible experience of the workshop but you will also have your own unique work of art to keep forever! And hang on your wall for everyone to see, of course.

Nope! Everyone on camera will be fully clothed. You won’t have to share any of your own nakedness with the class, and we won’t have anyone modeling naked. We will not show any graphic pictures of genitals. There may be some artistic drawings similar to those on Vulva Gallery’s Instagram page, but that will be as racy as we get.

We have put together a list here 🙂

  • 2 plastic modelling tools
  • 1 lb air dry clay
  • 1 paintbrush 6mm
  • 1 oz of gloss varnish
  • Tablecloth (you probably have one at home that you could use)

First off, anyone from around the world is welcome to come to the event! However, for the physical craft kits, we only offer shipping within the United States and the UK at this time.

Orders in the US have been hand-packed by Sasza, BBXX Founder, and orders in the UK have been hand-packed by Hani, Gashtrays Founder 🙂 You will receive your kit in the days leading up to the workshop.

We love our global community and everyone from anywhere around the world is invited to come, so we have also put together a list of the items here that you can purchase on your own!

Amazon (Total of: $26.75 or $24.21 depending on color of clay)

Michael’s Craft Store: (Total of: $24.46)


For US orders, you must purchase by April 26th to get your craft kit shipped to your home. US orders will be shipped on April 23rd and you will receive your kit the week of the workshop.

No, you’re all set! Show up ready to be creative. If you have a hand mirror handy (no pun intended) have that nearby, in case you want to double check and see what your genitals look like (off camera). You can also take a selfie of your private parts and come prepared with that. However, we’ll also have time during the workshop to do those things.

Absolutely! If you didn’t buy a ticket in time to receive a craft kit, you can still come to the workshop. Most craft stores sell air dry clay, varnish, and clay sculpting tools, which you can pick up on your own and bring to our virtual event. We’ve put together a list of items for you here!

No, this course uses air dry clay. Once you finish, you just have to let it sit and dry, no kiln needed!