Is “home” a person or a place?

Thoughts on the surprisingly beautiful and inspiring results.

The other week in a poll we asked you whether you think home is a person or a place. 52% of you said “person” and 48% of you said “place”.

Can we please acknowledge how fucking powerful that is? That means that for many of us, our human connection, our relationships, our love for one another can actually become so deeply rooted in who we are, how we are defined, that it can feel as though it is where we came from — or perhaps better said, it feels as though it is *where we are meant to end up*. While a place has the power to shape the person we are today, a person has the power to shape the person *we are yet to become*.

As our landscapes might change, our houses, our borders, our jobs, our economic situation — we may choose to root ourselves in a person and not a place. Perhaps home is not a place, but perhaps it is not a person, either. Perhaps home is a FEELING, and thus we choose the answer that makes us FEEL more at home.

And so, along your path, whether you end up choosing a person or a place — may you choose a home that you deserve. One that allows you to feel safe, to relax, to be yourself. May you choose a home that allows you to sleep, even despite all the stress and chaos of the world, because the familiarity and the comfort allow you to forget it all. A home that allows you the space to grow and to challenge yourself — personally, physically, and professionally — yet whose roots support you and will hold you up along the way, even if you fall down. May you find a home that will allow you to prosper, even as you grow old — and to do so happy, healthy, and in good company. May you choose a home that will care for you in your old age, even perhaps if you no longer can.

Or what if after all of this, your home — be it a place or a person — will inevitably be the one to actually choose you? Would you end up better off that way? It might mean heartbreak, it might mean loneliness — be it without friends in a new place or without a partner after a breakup. It might even mean leaving the place or the person we ourselves once thought we were meant to be. But the truth is — sometimes we are not as good at knowing what we want, how much we deserve, or where and with whom we are meant to end up, anyway. So just remember to try and follow that *feeling*.


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