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Prioritizing Your Intimacy

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    Welcome to Prioritizing Your Intimacy!
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  2. The science behind prioritizing your intimacy
    What do we mean by intimacy?
  3. The science behind prioritizing your intimacy
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  4. Love languages
    Love languages
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  5. Catch your partner doing something right
    Catch your partner doing something right
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  6. Affection
  7. Love Maps
    The importance of showing affection
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  8. Appreciation, recognition, and empathy
    The principle of building Love Maps
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  9. Appreciation
  10. Recognition
  11. Empathy
  12. The Four Horsemen
  13. Listening
    The Four Horsemen
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  14. Don't try and cheer your partner up
    Listen and learn
  15. Transforming criticism into wishes
    Don't always try and cheer your partner up
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  16. Process an argument
    Transforming criticism into wishes
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  17. Is Not Rocket Science
    Processing is a process
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  18. The 6-second kiss & the 20-second hug
    Your sexual relationship "is not rocket science"
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  19. Talking about sex
    The 6 second kiss & the 20 second hug
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  20. How many times a week
    How to learn and grow & what turns you on
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  21. How to reject your partner
    Is there a magic number?
  22. The art of compromise
    How to turn down sex
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  23. Self care isn't selfish
    What is a compromise?
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  24. Mutual masturbation
    Self care isn't selfish
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  25. Smartphones
    Mutual Masturbation = Hot AF
  26. Happiness is love
    Smartphone sabotage
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  27. Happiness = Love
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The science behind prioritizing your intimacy

BBXX November 13, 2020



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Research has found than maintaining a strong emotional connection not only helps to buffer the stressors of jobs, parenthood, and life in general, but that it also allows for greater passion and intimacy.

How emotionally connected a couple is to one another is not only directly correlated to how satisfied they feel in their relationship but also the quality of their sex life.

Most couples think that fancy dinners, weekend getaways, and sexy lingerie make for a more romantic relationship, but research shows that these things aren’t actually the key to intimacy. By being good friends, by being affectionate, and enhancing intimacy, couples can build a stronger and more thriving relationship- both inside and outside of the bedroom. No matter how busy or tired you are, it’s important to know that what counts the most is not how much time you spend with each other, but how you use that time together.

Intentionally carving out time with your partner helps to remind you that you are a team, which in turn makes it easier for you to tackle daily struggles in a united way. In the long run, this can also help you perform better at work, be better co-parents to your children, and live a happier and more balanced relationship.

New Research from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University has found that life’s most intense regrets center around personal relationships, not careers. Analysis revealed that regrets involving love cause more pain and also last longer than those related to less intimate choices such as dropping out of college or quitting a job. In summary, the more intense a regret was, the more likely it was to be connected to personal relationships.

So perhaps it’s worth reminding ourselves to prioritize one of the most important things in our lives. Not only to make our partner happier, but also to make ourselves happier.

Prioritize what’s important.

Prioritize your happiness.

Prioritize your intimacy.

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