About BBXX

What is BBXX? 

BBXX is the best and most entertaining resource for all things related to intimacy: identity, sexuality, and emotional intelligence. 

Our goal is to help you be a happier and better connected person so that you can live better, more connected relationships. 

There are two things that people will sacrifice time and energy for, whether or not they have it: things that are extremely important to them and things that are extremely fun. We believe that relationships- with yourself, friends, family, and with your parter- should be both of those things.
BBXX is here to help you enhance the connections in your life, and to enhance the happiness and deep value that they create within it. 

Who is BBXX for? 
It's for everyone. 

The curious, the adventurous, the confused, the bored, the excited, the open-minded, the close-minded, the believers, and the skeptics. 
It is for the single, the tindering, the not so sure yet, the hopelessly in love, and the committed for life.
The young, the old, and those who don't let numbers hold them back. 

Where is BBXX? 

Created in the Stanford Ignite program and funded by Startup Chile, we are currently headquartered in Santiago, Chile, planning our upcoming launch in the US. 

Write us anytime and ask us anything- questions, concerns, suggestions, ideas- we love it all! 
Contact us in English or Spanish at - hello@bbxx.world