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Let's Get Intimate!

Casual Conversations: The Art of Self-Discovery

We talk with one of our favorite men’s coaches, Mike Sagun, about physical touch, closeness, and male intimacy. We learn about his journey to self-discovery, how he has changed over the past few years along the way, tools for exploring your own identity, and whether or not people can ever truly start over. Lastly, we touch on the art of giving compliments, the vulnerability it requires to give them—and the power in learning to receive them.
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About the Expert

Mike Sagun

Mike Sagun

Mike is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), facilitator, and speaker. He works with companies like Dropbox, Google, LinkedIn, Kaiser Permanente, Kumu, and Saje Wellness. Before founding The Unshakable Man, Mike spent 10 years as a teaching artist, educating and coaching young people to make healthier choices for their lives. He’s spoken in front of thousands of people on stage with TEDx and TFCU. When he’s not coaching, facilitating, or speaking, you can find him leading men at retreats and EVRYMAN men’s group.