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Food For Thought: Celebrating The Small Wins

Fact: big wins are impossible without the small wins along the way. “The journey is the destination” might sound cheesy but the reality is that we won’t always make it to where we’re trying to go. Even if we do, it’s vital to acknowledge how much work we put in to get there; the big wins never feel as good if we haven’t celebrated the small wins. — If you’ve learned something from us, please take one minute to rate and review our podcast! Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page or watch this video that shows you how to leave a review on the Apple Podcast app :) If you would like to be more involved with BBXX and help us build a movement to transform relationships around the world, sign up here to be a part of our alpha testing for our brand new BBXX platform—a.k.a. your go-to resource for all things intimacy & relationships!
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