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Fact: big wins are impossible without the small wins along the way. “The journey is the destination” might sound cheesy but the reality is that we won’t always make it to where we’re trying to go. Even if we do, it’s vital to acknowledge how much work we put in to get there; the big wins never feel as good if we haven’t celebrated the small wins.

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Sasza Lohrey

Hello, hello, thanks for tuning in to this new series of the BBXX podcast. We wanted to bring you more content, specifically more BBXX original content. And we’re using this as a chance to experiment with different topics, different formats, short format, longer format, casual interviews, more formal interviews, and a bit more fun stuff. So this new series will bring you mainly content from what I am referring to as the food for thought series, which explores different terms and terminology, or questions that might be particularly relevant to now, it might elaborate on something specific from one of our main interviews. Or it might just dive deeper into question that people have been asking me or that I’ve been wondering about myself. But we’ll also include things from fun ratings and reviews for books, movies, other podcasts, etc, to live interviews, and informal interviews with more people, perhaps such as yourself, talking more about personal narrative, and personal experiences that have shaped ourselves, our lives and our relationships. Because as much as there is to be learned from us from bx sex, or any expert, we have just as much that can be learned from all of you, and from each other.

The other day, one of my closest friends told me, he’s a writer. And he got a meeting with a director whom he had admired for a very long time about possibly picking up pilot that they had written. And I said, Well, we have to celebrate, that’s amazing. And he goes, Well, you know, anything could still happen, it might not go anywhere, for all we know. And it really just brought me back to this concept of small wins that a friend of mine introduced me to. And the concept of small wins, has to do with the fact that I think we so often get caught up in the big picture, the ultimate goal, the finish line, and this kind of metric, or measurement, that is all or nothing. And we judge our success, how content we are our choice, fulfillment from that project based on that end goal. And, yes, there’s the expression, the journey is the destination, which is quite cliche. But the fact of the matter is, we don’t stand a chance at getting to the finish line, if we don’t have all of these small building blocks, it would be impossible. Therefore, what you build that road to the finish line with is, in a way more important than that just literally it’s called a line because it’s so small, so insignificant compared to, to the entire road, leading up to it that we are paving with these smaller accomplishments, these smaller steps.

 And so if we don’t acknowledge all of that work, all of that effort, blood, sweat and tears that we’re making along the way, then, first of all, that finish line won’t feel as good when we cross it, because we’ve just kind of shoved aside all the work we’ve done. Second of all, if we don’t get there, which oftentimes we probably won’t, if we have ambitious goals, we probably won’t, then are we really just sacrificing all the work we’ve made along the way and not giving it the proper, not just acknowledgement but celebration that it deserves. And so I think this idea of small wins is extremely, extremely powerful on a large scale, but also on a very simple small scale because it gives you something to latch on to If you can just write down one small when you have a day. And so I did this for a week, and I’ve continued to. And sometimes a small win is that new contract that meeting sometimes a small wins is an incredible height. Sometimes a small win is celebrating a failure. Sometimes a small win is not working at all in that one is actually a very big win.

 So sometimes these small wins are actually the huge wins because they are what shape our behaviors, what shapes our habits, it’s what shapes our focus, and the entire road we’re on, which determines where we’ll ever be able to get to or not. And so I’d love to just really encourage people to reclaim the power of your small wins, be sure to acknowledge them, it also feels great to share them, celebrate them in some way. I’m gonna do a whole nother piece on celebrating every day, not the day itself. But celebrating things like this small wins or non existent. You know, you didn’t have to win, just living life more with the intention and the kind of joy that comes from celebrating, it’s just so much fun. But I will get back to that another point. So I’d really just encourage you to for one week, try it. Sometimes you can even make them really entertaining things. If you’ve going on your first virtual date, that can be a small win. It can be anything. So try it. Maybe you even want to make an accountability group, get friends in on it, even just one other person or write it down yourself. But I’d encourage you to do that. And my small win for today is finally forcing myself to record this to be in front of you all. So it’s a small win, but the small wins in the end are really the big ones.

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