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“Having someone as a guide was life-changing. I would have wasted years thinking I could have done it on my own—and would still be in the same place.
I can’t wait to see where I am after another three months!”

—Morgan, BBXX coaching client

Business & Holistic Life Design Coach

Sasza Lohrey

Feeling stuck? Ready for change but lacking clarity, direction, momentum?

I specifically developed Holistic Life Design Coaching to help you become your next-level self, both personally and professionally. You’re invited to create the future you want—and deserve!

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I’m a Rhodes Wellness College certified life coach and have developed my own approach to Business & Holistic Life Design coaching to help people to discover their values, step into their own power, and create the life they truly want to be living. 

 After helping you define your vision for your future, we then plan short-term and long-term goals in a way that is aligned with that vision, create a roadmap, and get on the road! This can be particularly transformative for people running their own businesses, looking to make a life change, or starting a new chapter. 

Are you ready to become your next-level self, both personally and professionally?

Overcoming self-limiting beliefs will allow you to step into your true potential and transform your careers, your relationships, and your lives as a whole. The future you desire for yourself awaits you on the other side of this journey! Research shows that when we share our goals with someone like a mentor or coach, we are more motivated, more committed, and more likely to achieve them. 

Are you ready to find clarity, direction, and momentum?!

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