Sex Sells? Or Insecurity Sells? with Caroline Heldman

In part two of our conversation with Caroline, we continue our discussion and speak directly about the mental heath crisis of millennials, tools to help us all disconnect a bit from social media, and some helpful resources to find good media. We hope that you enjoy and ponder the question: What are the consequences of living a distracted life?

Mental Health Crisis

Millennials (ages 25-39) have been experiencing higher rates of depression than previous generations. Humans are becoming less connected because of media and social media consumption, which leads to more antisocial attitudes and behaviors. We also know that the more time you spend curating your “self” on social media the higher the rates of depression. The
baggage of performing on social media is having real life negative effects on self-esteem.

Ideas for Disconnecting

  • Unplug from devices when you can
  • Limit your screen time
  • Reconnect with your friends IRL
  • Put your phone in your trunk when driving
  • When out to dinner: whoever looks at their phone first pays for the whole meal

We are losing our ability to be present and we know that having a few close friends with whom you can share your feelings does increase your happiness. So take time to disconnect and be present.

Paradox of Social Media

Online interactions are not equivalent to IRL interactions. Despite being more connecting and politically activating, online friendships don’t create closer and more intimate relationships. It’s really a double edged sword.

What are the consequences of living a distracted life?

Parenting Equality

Caregiving is feminized in our culture and because of this, we don’t give it the value that we should. Since women still do the bulk of the parenting, Chase Bank has conducted research that found that the value of a woman’s work in the home – cooking, cleaning, driving, caretaking – would equate to a $140,000 per year salary.

I would love to see a world in which we actually compensated caregiving.

In the perfect world, parenting would be a job that is compensated. This could help people take it more seriously and put more resources behind it.

Good Media Sources


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