Thoughts on the Film About Our Not-So “Liberated” Sex Culture

Did you know that this was actually the film that inspired the BBXX Book Club? About six months ago on a Wine Wednesday with two friends, one of them told me about this film.

They described the issues that both the young men and women face in the film, and the extremely toxic trap of cultural pressures, but the part of their description that I found most interesting was when they analyzed what they referred to as a sort of “new age feminism.” A new ideal, where not only is it accepted- but it is cool- to have casual sex. They mentioned that the problem was that while these girls were looking to new age idols and celebrities, these powerful, sexually open role models, they were trying to emulate something that wasn’t actually true to who they are. To clarify, there is nothing wrong with living that lifestyle, if you are being true to you. The problem was that, in fact, perhaps it was not what everyone wanted, but what a new society and cultural “norm” had constructed. Almost as though thinking back to when the desirable thing was to be a virgin, people believed now the desirable thing was this sexually “liberated” figure, and thus pretended like that’s what they believed in and tried to act accordingly. Since the entire system of cultural norms has now been flipped upside-down, the movie depicted a group of people who are perhaps so busy trying to climb their way to the top that they hadn’t thought to consider what their own identity was, outside the system; what their values were, and what their choices actually might look like according to that, rather than what is on tv, in porn, or in the lyrics of pop music.

This is not meant to express my opinion of the film, but rather to convey the story behind why I first watched it, and the impact it had on me thereafter. The BBXX Book Club serves the same purpose. It is not meant to be a tool for sharing my own opinions (although I may do that from time to time). Much more than that, it is meant to provide resources for you, and to host the space for us to question why our culture has conditioned us to think, talk, and act the way we do in regards to sexuality, intimacy, and relationships. It is meant to simply hold a mirror to our culture, to inspire you to reflect on your own thoughts and experiences, and to encourage you to engage others with you along this journey of self-understanding and growth. To host a new conversation and to challenge the status quo.

That night, we decided that the rest of us would watch the film as well, and we would all discuss it the following Wine Wednesday.

That weekend I watched the movie and felt so incredibly disturbed and sick to my stomach, yet had so many profound thoughts and felt inspired at the same time. I texted about fifteen friends and demanded they watch it and let me know their thoughts. I felt the need to host a larger conversation, wanting to share but also learn from others, as well as wanting to provide a consistent resource for this type of thing. And thus, the idea for the Book Club was born, as well as the Wine Wednesday discussion groups which we will be launching soon 😉

Nothing quite prepares us for the struggle of identity and intimacy in this world.

This is one of the opening lines of the film “Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution.” It’s sad how true it is, and a severe understatement at that. It’s also perhaps the reason that BBXX exists.

Below are some of my favorite reviews of the movie, to inspire you even further to watch it have you not already. If you have seen it, consider these a tool to help you share (or re-share) the significant impact the film can have, as is portrayed here:

Was on Netflix with my buddies tonight and typed in “spring break” thinking we would find some funny raunchy spring break movie to watch. Ended up clicking play on your movie and had half of us guys in tears at the end of it…convicted of things we’ve done and this sickening culture we have encouraged… Breaks my heart to really hear and understand what these girls our age go through. I will be sharing your documentary with whoever I can. Thanks so much I can honestly say this changed my outlook on life.

Zach S.

This is not an easy film to watch, nor is it for everyone. But it’s a necessary film to hold a mirror to our culture.

Timothy Winterstein, from Newport Beach Film Festival & The Jagged Word (pastor)

The film balances disgust and truth in a way that makes for a compelling watch.

True/False Film Festival

This powerful and unflinching slice of life could be seen as a useful PSA and essential viewing… Liberated aims to reinforce the empowering anti-sexual assault crusade by creating and encouraging brutally honest conversations.

Tara Fass, Mogul


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