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Better understand yourself so that you can connect more deeply with others.

We’ve put in 10,000+ hours sourcing the best intimacy and relationship content that helps you reflect on the way you have learned to think, act, and talk about sexuality, intimacy, and relationships.

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This destigmatization and space have been incredibly important to me. Invaluable. Eye-fucking-opening.
23, New York City
This is literally what I’ve been looking for my entire life. I used to Google hopelessly, but now I have BBXX.
30, San Francisco

Better Relationships = Better Life

Your close relationships account for 70% of your happiness and 90% of your wellbeing, so we say—let’s live them to the fullest!

—Harvard longitudinal study on happiness

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BBXX creates + curates content related to sexuality, intimacy, and communication. Our goal is to help people better understand themselves so that they can form deeper connections and live more fulfilling relationships with others.

Better understand the way you think, talk, and act in relationships—and in life.

People change, relationships change, the world changes—we need to be equipped to learn and grow along with them.