When you DGAF About Rejection- and make jokes about masturbation and smuggling on your Y Combinator application

I’ve gotten into a Google for Entrepreneurs program, funding from the Chilean government, but I’ve also been rejected from countless other funding opportunities- including some with little competition and that should have been a shoe-in…

Sometimes I’m not convinced there’s much method to the madness and after having been rejected so many times already- I’m not even phased by it. And since it’s already to be expected, this time I decided I might as well try a different approach. The Y Combinator application has a couple more interesting, personal questions that the other ones I had seen before, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to- if nothing else, and even if rejected- ensure that my application would at least be memorable!

Either way the worst case scenario is the exact same and very probably in both cases anyways: I simply don’t get in! What’s new… 
Below are some of the questions and answers from my actual Y combinator application. Hope you enjoy.

PS. In case this helps lend some context, my startup all about helping people get used to talking about uncomfortable things- and making it fun. 
BBXX is a digital platform for everything you never learned about intimacy and healthy relationships- from sexuality to communication.

Please tell us something surprising or amusing that one of you has discovered.

(The answer need not be related to your project.)

When I was 20 I discovered a glorious thing called masturbation. And the clitoris. And along with that, the most important thing I discovered was that there was no shame in any of it, as I had previous thought.

Lastly, I discovered that instead of being the only one who didn’t have enough information and had never learned about healthy sexuality, communication, or relationships in general- I was actually just one of EVERYONE.

That first orgasm is perhaps where one of the very first inspirations for BBXX *came* from.

Please tell us about the time you, Sasza Lohrey, most successfully hacked some (non-computer) system to your advantage.

I have smuggled tens of thousands of dollars of intimacy products (yes, sex toys), as well as restricted food items, across international borders.

I once told guards that the toys they found were fun gifts for friends, which technically- in a way- they were… I explained a different version of how they worked, kind of like legos but better, when in reality they were something called masturbation eggs (for men).

Another time, after the dogs at the airport sniffed out my bag and they labeled it with red tape, I tore the tape off the bag right in front of security officers without them noticing so that they wouldn’t take my favorite cheese. I’ve also hidden avocados in my pockets and hands through a pat down- undetected, pretending not to speak any Spanish- when I hadn’t realized they had counted every single item and knew it was missing.

In high school my sister and I also used to get by crossing the Golden Gate Bridge for free with “carpool” (three or more people) because we would dress up a life-size stuffed-animal in human clothing. That’s a favorite.

It’s all about having the audacity to do the things people never expect anyone to dare to try and pull off! That’s kind of what we’re doing as well with BBXX.


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